Thai Me Up

Part Thai Food. Part Brewery. Order a 5 star “G-13″ paired the country’s best IPA – brewed from the smallest brewery in Wyoming (in the world?) – and you have Thai Me Up. It’s OK, we’re confused too.

We weren’t manufactured from a “winning” business model. Thai Me Up was built on creativity and shootin’ from the hip. It’s crazy because people dig it, and that’s convenient because we dig people.

Then this one time in Denver – we were day drinking and won 3 medals at the Great American Beer Festival. That was neat. What’s the proper procedure for winning 3 medals at GABF? What’s the proper procedure for anything.. We don’t know, and we’re OK with that.

Come from far. Come from near. Check out our scene – it’s delicious. Just like you.

This little gem is from a 2011 video contest:

Thai Me Up
75 East Pearl Avenue
Jackson, WY 83001
(307) 733-0005

Open Daily at 5PM
Bar Food Til Late